An app that settles the question, "Where should we go eat?"


All about Let's Settle It App

Deciding where to eat is over!

Have you ever asked or been asked “where do you want to go to eat?” only to get the answer “I don't know, where do you want to go?”

Welcome to Lets Settle It!

Enter how much you want to spend, how far you want to drive, what type of cuisine you prefer and PRESTO! Let's Settle It will take care of the rest.
All you have to do is follow the GPS to the selected Let's Settle It destination.
Lets Settle It will announce the name of the destination upon arrival.
Make the new and revolutionary App Let's Settle It part of your life!

Many updates

We plan on updates in the future to continually improve the user experience for all. Please stay tuned!

Free on Android

As of now, Let's Settle It will be available to all Android phones and devices through the Google Play Store for FREE!

Release Date!

We are proud to announce that we launched Let's Settle It in the Google Play Store on June 24th, 2015. Check it out now!

Packed with amazing features

Ready to start!... Simple, effective and easy to use

Sort by price

Enter the amount of dollar signs (1-4) according to how much you're willing to spend on your meal.

$ -affordable
$$ -average
$$$ -moderately expensive

Sort by distance

Enter the amount of miles you are willing to drive to your next Lets Settle It location.

Sort by rating

Limit your searches by entering a 0-5 rating.

0 - All ratings will be included
1-5 - Rating by number of ★'s

Thumbs Up/Down

Thumbs down if you wish to block the location from your future searches. Thumbs up if you wish to unblock a location you have previously set to thumbs down.

GPS Technology

Intuitive GPS technology leads you to your location. The default option is no map overview to create more of an adventure. You can choose map overview in lower right hand corner of the app to get better idea of where your headed.


You will have the choice to include all types of cuisines in your search or to search for a specific cuisine.



What we do for you

In the Let's Settle It App, there are two modes currently to choose from.

In Jungle Mode, All types of cuisines will be included in your searches.
In Safari Mode, Enter the type of cuisine you wish to search for.

Enter the amount of money you are willing to spend.
(1-4 $'s)

Enter how far you are willing to travel in miles.

In settings, choose a restaurant rating. (0-5 ★'s)

Start the search and your journey will immediately begin (your destination address will appear momentarily at the top of the screen). Let's Settle It will show the name of the restaurant in a pop up box approximately a quarter of a mile from the destination. The name of the restaurant will be announced upon arriving at the dining establishment.

Thumbs down the restaurant if you want to exclude it from your future searches. You can thumbs up this location at a later date to add it back to your future searches.


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